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Fitzrovia Team do 10K for the MS Society!

Featured image: The Fitz team at Goodwood Motor Circuit - Read full post: Fitzrovia Team do 10K for the MS Society!

Fitzrovia Team do 10K for the MS Society!

To start off the month of December, several of the Fitzrovia team participated in the 10k Running GP at Goodwood Motor Circuit in aid of the MS Society. This hugely important charity funds world-leading research into Multiple Sclerosis, advocating for the rights of those with MS whilst working to put a stop to it.

Fitzrovia chose to support the MS Society as some of the team have close family and friends who live with Multiple Sclerosis, which is not surprising considering more than 130,000 people living with MS in the UK. In the lead up to the charity run, the team raised over £600 in donations - while Fitzrovia have committed to take the total up to £2,000. As summed up by our CEO Daren Oliver (who came in with a PB!), it was “a great team run, for an important cause (MS) at a fantastic circuit”.

Race Day


The race took place on Sunday the 4th of December, with the team travelling down from London to Goodwood Motor Circuit. Despite it being a cold and grey winter day, the team were in great spirits and ready to run! In fact, Operations and People Manager Caroline, and CEO Daren both came in with excellent times - finishing comfortably within the top 100 runners. Of the day, the run and the cause, Caroline said:

“As many of you probably know, I’m always up for a challenge, and I thought running 10k for the MS Society charity was a fab idea! If I’m honest, it felt like less of a fab idea when I did my first run in preparation, but perseverance and not wanting to let the team down drove me on, and low and behold it turns out I can run! I was super pleased to hit a new PB (51 mins 45 seconds in case I haven’t told you already!) and it was a great day seeing everyone put their backs into it and a day of camaraderie and team spirit. The MS Society is a great charity, so a great cause to run for, and we’re super pleased to be able to have raised £2,000 in donations!”

The MS Society


The MS Society is a charitable organisation who ‘play a leading role in MS research and fight for better treatment and care for our community. We know our resources are precious. So we use them where we can make the most impact for everyone living with MS.’

Their work continues to be vital as for some, research has found treatments. But too many people still don’t have anything to stop their MS from getting worse, and some don’t have any treatments at all. The MS Society is hoping to be in the final stages of testing a range of treatments for everyone with MS by 2025. But they can’t get there without support from donations and supporters.

To find out more about the MS Society, their work, and their goals, read more on the official website. And to find out more about Fitzrovia IT and the causes we support, contact one of our team today - or head to our Instagram page to see more pictures of the day and similar events.

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