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What is Connectivity?

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"Connectivity in IT" means the ability of different devices and systems in a business to talk to each other and share information. It's like making sure that all the parts of a puzzle fit together perfectly so that everything works smoothly and efficiently. This helps businesses operate better, share important data, and get things done more easily.


"Connectivity in IT" refers to the state or capability of computer systems, devices, or components to establish and maintain communication with each other or with external networks, services, or resources. It involves the setup and management of data pathways, protocols, and interfaces to enable the seamless exchange of data and information between these entities, ensuring they can work together efficiently and reliably.

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Unlocking Success with Fitzrovia IT is a comprehensive guide leading you through the path of IT. This whitepaper will outline the accreditations and services you need for your business to succeed. 

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Why so many UK businesses choose Fitzrovia IT

Fitzrovia IT is one of the most accredited MSPs in the UK. These accreditations from the likes of Microsoft and ISO, along with Investors In People and Best Companies ensure our clients are receiving the best service. 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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