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What is Windows 365 Cloud Solutions?

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Windows 365 Cloud PC is a service that lets you access your Windows desktop, applications, and files from anywhere using any device with an internet connection. It's like having your computer in the cloud, giving you flexibility and convenience to work or play from anywhere.


Windows 365 Cloud PC is a cloud-based computing service provided by Microsoft, offering virtualised Windows desktop environments on a subscription basis. It leverages Microsoft Azure infrastructure to deliver a fully functional Windows experience to users across various devices. Windows 365 simplifies management, scalability, and accessibility of desktop environments, enabling organisations to efficiently deploy and manage virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) without the need for extensive on-premises infrastructure.

Ecovis takes a digital leap toward a scalable workforce

Fitzrovia IT is proud to announce the successful migration of Cloud Environment to Windows 365 Cloud PC for Ecovis, a global consulting firm. This milestone marks a significant leap forward for Ecovis in terms of agility, collaboration, and technological advancement.

As a fast-growing company we are delighted to have worked with Fitzrovia IT on this major infrastructure project, which positions us strongly to continue our growth in a secure, efficient and future-ready IT environment. The Fitzrovia team have been excellent throughout this process, and we’re delighted that our new environment gives us the platform to deliver an even more robust and responsive service to our clients in an ever-changing working world.

Ben Smith - Ecovis Partner


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Our live demos enable you to experience Windows 365 Cloud PC. We can prepare an environment suitable to your business and answer any questions you may have about migrating to the Cloud. 

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Unlocking Success with Fitzrovia IT is a comprehensive guide leading you through the path of IT. This whitepaper will outline the accreditations and services you need for your business to succeed. 

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Why so many UK businesses choose Fitzrovia IT

Fitzrovia IT is one of the most accredited MSPs in the UK. These accreditations from the likes of Microsoft and ISO, along with Investors In People and Best Companies ensure our clients are receiving the best service. 


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