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Infrastructure Migration and Configuration

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What is Infrastructure Migration?

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Infrastructure migration is like moving your digital house. Just as you might move to a new home, businesses sometimes need to relocate their computer systems, data, and software to different places, often to newer and better technology setups. It's all about ensuring that everything works smoothly in the new digital space.

Think of configuration as setting up your TV. When you buy a new television, you need to adjust the settings to get the best picture and sound. In a tech context, configuration means fine-tuning software and hardware settings so they work perfectly for a specific purpose, whether it's a website, a network, or any digital system. It's like customizing things to run just the way you want them to.


Infrastructure migration refers to the process of transferring digital assets, including servers, data, applications, and networking components, from one environment or location to another. This typically involves careful planning, replication of data, testing, and deployment to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency during the transition.

Configuration refers to the systematic arrangement and adjustment of software, hardware, and network settings to align them with specific operational requirements. It encompasses tasks such as setting up servers, defining network protocols, optimising software parameters, and fine-tuning hardware components to optimise system performance and functionality.

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