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Tips to Optimise Your Workplace Connectivity

Featured image: Boosted network connectivity to improve workplace function - Read full post: Tips to Optimise Your Workplace Connectivity

Tips to Optimise Your Workplace Connectivity

As the world of work continues to change and develop, businesses are always looking for new strategies to optimise their cyber infrastructure in the name of increased productivity. One of the key areas that businesses should be focussing on to boost employee output is workplace connectivity, as a flexible and digitally connected business is essential for growth and development.

Workplace digital transformation is at the heart of improved office connectivity and employee productivity, and an optimised network is the key tool to adapt your business to the pressures of 21st century working.

What is digital transformation?


Simply put, digital transformation is a catchall term to describe the implementation and modification of digital technologies within a business, carried out to improve that business’ operations and services. Businesses often opt to rethink their digital strategies in order to increase client satisfaction, delivering optimised services and value to clients.

To implement digital transformation is to rethink the integration of technology in your business, especially with regards to your business’ processes, output, and goals. You should approach a problem faced by your business with an aspirational goal that can be achieved with implementable digital strategy – whether your goal is increased employee productivity, improved client experience or greater business flexibility, there is likely a digital solution. As such, digital transformation is an ongoing project, in which your businesse should be committed to continuously reviewing and altering its digital strategies in answer to unexpected future problems. Your MSP can help you develop your cyber strategy for years to come whilst implementing any new technologies that may be required for the digital transformation you seek.

Over the past couple of years the pace at which businesses have implemented digital transformation strategies has accelerated at great pace, with many developing their cyber infrastructure to keep up with competitor development. In a world in which digital flexibility and growth is key to business longevity, there is no better time than now to improve your business’ transformation strategy.

How can I optimise my office connectivity?


Whilst digital transformation is an all-encompassing term for the implementation and rethinking of cyber strategies, today we look at how a cyber-rethink can be beneficial to optimising your business’ connectivity and flexibility.

With a rise in hybrid work practices, a well-connected team is essential to business growth and longevity. Ensuring your office space is equipped with an optimal network connection is crucial to keeping your team productive and happy – and should be a priority element of your digital strategy going forward.

There are a number of aspects to consider when improving your business’ connectivity, such as the physical connectivity of your office space, or the provision of secure VPNs for remote workers. There are a number of transformation strategies and tools that can be used to improve the network connectivity of your workspace, many of which can be deployed by your IT service partner.

At Fitzrovia IT we utilise Ekahau software to assist our clients when improving or installing their workplace network. We help our clients define their WIFI requirements, performing pre-deployment site surveys whilst fine tuning network design. Our Ekahau technologies allow us to created visualisations of an office space, mapping the physical structure of the building in which the wireless network is being deployed. As a professional-grade tool, the Ekahau survey allows us to optimise your network connectivity by locating potential network disturbances that would go otherwise unmapped.

Implementing new strategies


While there are many more digital transformation strategies that can be developed to assist your business in its goals for the future, improving your network connectivity should be at the heart of your plans going forward. It’s essential to engage the services of your MSP to ensure that your business is poised to move with the times, with business longevity being ensured. With the help of our expert team and specialist software such as the Ekahau survey, we can ensure a smooth and cohesive transition to a new wireless network for your business.

If you want to find out more about the digital transformation strategies that can be implemented to boost your business’ productivity and connectivity, reach out to one of our team today.