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Changing Office – Our Top Tips for a straightforward IT move

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Changing Office – Our Top Tips for a straightforward IT move


Since the beginning of the pandemic, IT companies have changed the way their people work. No longer were the days that employees were expected into the office five days a week. Frequent self-isolations and disruptions were the norm, but as we emerged on the other side, working from home transitioned into hybrid work, and office spaces became occupied once more.  

However, many organisations realised that their office spaces were not fit for purpose, with fewer people coming into work on a less frequent basis.  

Whether your company wishes to downsize to accommodate more home-working and save money, it's critical to be prepared and organized to make a smooth transition. After assisting multiple clients with premises relocation and moving our office premises in the previous year, we at Fitzrovia IT would like to highlight the areas you should think about when preparing for an office transfer to ensure you have the best possible move.  

The first step before changing office location is to plan for the move ahead. Analysing the pros and cons of your current office amongst the team will reveal what you are all looking to improve on in your new space. Use the discussion to create a plan for your ideal office. Additionally, constructing an audit of the current IT setup will highlight any technological issues that could emerge during and after the move. Ask yourself what you want your goal from the move to be. SMART goals are defined by five key elements: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. For more information on SMART goals, click here.  

Some aspects of moving may be more challenging than others. For example, the team at your company may find the office relocation easy to deal with, but there are certainly other factors that will be more complete. MSPs and IT companies will have to thoroughly consider many IT issues that a move will present. Here are some of the key IT factors to cover in your moving plan:  

  • Comms room location and conditions - The server room houses the IT equipment for the company, so it must be in a secure and lockable location. Air conditioning is vital as overheating poses a threat to the hardware, and therefore the software and data.  
  • Power Supply Optimisation – Electrical points and power supplies are essential for the Comms room. Furthermore, there must be a power supply connection for all the desks in the office. Therefore, capacity is a crucial consideration. To gain an understanding of the importance of relocation infrastructure, please speak to one of our experts here.  
  • Manage Connectivity - Making sure your office has internet connectivity should be a top priority before moving, and it's critical to set up a backup link in case your primary internet connection fails. Fitzrovia IT uses Ekahau software to determine your WIFI requirements (for new networks or issue resolution), and we conduct pre-deployment site audits and fine-tune the network architecture.  
  • WAP locations – WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) locations are needed to ensure optimum connectivity in your new office. By using specialist software, we can provide a digital heatmap of the building, showing where WAPs should be located to offer your staff the best connection possible.  
  • Excess Hardware - When considering a move, consider whether outdated or surplus systems could be migrated to cloud services, allowing your company to save space and money.  
  • Moving Equipment – This stage should be handled by the specialists. Here at Fitzrovia IT, we can ensure that your equipment is securely moved to your new office through our moving insurance. Moving your IT equipment without a specialist will be more expensive and increase the likelihood of issues arising.   

Considering all of the above should have you in good stead, however, there will always be surprises around the corner. You should have a contingency plan in order just in case something goes wrong when moving. Server technology can be temperamental, so backing up data somewhere accessible is a must.  

The process of preparing, auditing, and physically transferring your organisation can be stressful. To reduce stress and interruption, it's best to examine all the IT issues we've discussed above, as well as your company's specific demands and systems. Before tackling the work on your own, it is recommended that you obtain the services of an MSP or an experienced office relocation agency to ensure that your new office setting is adequately prepared, and your existing equipment is safely transferred. Fitzrovia IT fully understands the challenges and opportunities posed by an office move, and we have a friendly team of experts who can take the stress out of your move.  

Fitzrovia IT understands the obstacles and opportunities posed by a transfer, having just relocated to our own office. If you want to hire our team to help with your company's relocation or if you have any questions not addressed in today's blog, please contact one of our IT specialists today. 


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