Dan Stanbury Celebrates 15 years with Fitzrovia IT

Dan Stanbury Celebrates 15 years with Fitzrovia IT

Dan joined Daren at Fitzrovia IT as an Engineer in 2005, which is 15 years on Saturday 4th April.

In that time, Dan has proven himself to be a highly driven and determined leader, who has been instrumental in growing the business from the handful of engineers and support staff in 2005 to the impressive size it is today.

While the team is naturally disappointed not to mark the occasion by raising a glass, Dan included, we wanted to mark this milestone by reflecting back on some of the things that have happened in that time.

A lot has changed, but some things don’t!

Joining in 2005, Dan would have had to work on Windows XP for 2 years (until the launch of Windows Vista in 2007), and a good workstation would be doing well to have 2GB of RAM and a single-core processor by AMD or Intel, which had only recently released 64-bit architecture…

2005 also marked the Launch of the Xbox 360 platform, giving him a good way to wind down after a day at the office – or during downtime – a tradition many of our colleagues continue to this day in our meeting (/ games) room!

During his time at the company, Fitzrovia IT has grown substantially, and one of the things Dan is most proud of is that the team has retained the close-knit culture of the early days, something which clients tell him they appreciate, especially those who have been with the company for his entire tenure.

We spoke to Dan, who explained;

“It’s so important that clients find us approachable and friendly. Ultimately, we receive a lot of issues all the time which need to be resolved, so we try to do this in a friendly and professional way, just like we always have.

Solving issues all the time also means it’s important to have regular events for the team to show how much we appreciate them and let off steam. We’re all very much looking forward to getting together after the country gets through the current situation with Coronavirus, and I’m sure we will raise a glass to celebrate this milestone as well as many others and many more to come.

I’d like to thank all of our clients who have joined us on our journey over the last 15 years, old and new, and look forward to evolving our services to continue to support their businesses as an IT partner, while maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves.”

Please join us in congratulating Dan, and raise a glass to him from the comfort of home isolation!