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IT network of users and connections

2 min read

How to Make the Most From a Service Outage

Outages come in all shapes and sizes, and with this past week filled with outages across internet providers, tech giants and streaming companies alike – it bears asking, what can you do during an outage to make sure you stay as productive as...

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MS Teams and apps

2 min read

The end of Skype for Business is nearing

This announcement is most relevant to businesses who’ve been using Office365 before September of last year.

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Microsoft apps

3 min read

What is Microsoft Teams and why do I need it?

This is an excerpt from our new eBook – the ultimate guide to Microsoft Teams. Check it out – here.

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Film clapper board

1 min read

Video Set to Become a Cornerstone of the Digital Era

Earlier this month, tech research firm Omdia released its report Connecting the Dots: Key strategic opportunities in a post-COVID-19 world and within...

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Conference call on a laptop

2 min read

FitzFavourites: Hardware to improve your video conferencing

Many businesses will soon find themselves somewhere in between remote and office working, meaning that going forward meetings will need to manage...

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