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Windows 10 Update bricks devices

Windows 10 Update bricks devices

Fitzrovia IT is advising clients to avoid the latest Windows 10 update (KB4541335) as many users have reported several issues upon installation. The update, released on the 24th of March, has caused several issues affecting performance, stability, CPU usage and in cases the Blue Screen of Death.  

As this is an optional update, users can opt to safely skip the update.   

For users who may have already installed the update and are experiencing performance issues – Fitzrovia IT is encouraging users to uninstall the update and rollback to the previous version. For help in doing so, customers can contact the support desk at Fitzrovia IT.   

Customers should proactively consider adding Device Management Software (see Microsoft Intune) to their organisation. Device Management Software allows a single point of control for all machines in your organisational ecosystem. Furthermore, for clients using Device Management, our team diligently tests updates at pre-release – allowing clients the added peace of mind that comes with a certified update.