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WHO Warning as Cyber Criminals Capitalise on Coronavirus

Featured image: WHO logo - Read full post: WHO Warning as Cyber Criminals Capitalise on Coronavirus

WHO Warning as Cyber Criminals Capitalise on Coronavirus

WHO Warning

In a new take on a common phishing scam, criminals are posing as the World Health Organisation (WHO) aiming to trick users into disclosing personal details (especially usernames and passwords) or installing malicious software on victims computers.

In response, the WHO has issued a statement to warn the public and provide details on how to be sure that communications which appear to be sent by them are legiitmate.

Fitzrovia IT advises organisations on cyber security and recommends the following actions to prevent phishing attacks:

    • Never share personal details with third parties from unsolicited communications by phone, email, post or fax, even to charitable organisations
    • Do not disclose your password or username to anyone unless logging in to an official website
    • Be careful not to click on links or open attachments in emails from unknown sources
    • Be careful who you disclose payment information or personal details to. If anything seems unusual, do not proceed
    • If you aren’t certain of the authenticity of a message, check the sender’s email address and verify the domain is correct by typing it into your browser’s address bar

The UK Government provides details of what to do if you suspect an email is malicious and how to report it.

If you have any concerns, or think you might have clicked a link, opened a file or disclosed personal information, report it to your IT helpdesk as soon as possible so it can be investigated and advice can be provided as to how best to protect yourself. This may mean locking down accounts and removing any malicious software detected, so the sooner this can be done the better.

Improving Cyber Security

If your organisation is looking to improve cyber security, Fitzrovia IT offers comprehensive cyber security services including Cyber Essentials certification and penetration testing services for organisations who want to increase awareness, prevent common attacks and minimise the risk of disruption to their business.