Secret Sabotage – are Wi-Fi-enabled devices compromising your business network?

Secret Sabotage – are Wi-Fi-enabled devices compromising your business network?

Think back in time to the office of 2007, when the only devices connected to your company’s IT network were likely to have been office computers and perhaps a few USB flash drives.

Ten years on, and the picture has completely changed. Staff connect their smartphones to the company wi-fi, they might plug in a USB desk fan on a hot day, or perhaps bring in their own laptop or tablet if your company has a BYOD (bring your own device) policy. Most hardware in your office, for example printers and TVs, is Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth enabled too.

While the connectivity of the ‘Internet of Things’ can be convenient and time-saving, it also provides hackers with an avenue of attack, access and compromise. The danger is that these unsecured devices act as bridges that cybercriminals can cross into the territory of your company’s sensitive data.

What’s the solution?

Your network can be re-engineered to ensure devices are ringfenced and secured. Protocol should be clearly outlined and followed by all employees, emphasising for example the importance of keeping sensitive information off portable devices. Regular staff training is vital to keep your network safe – remember, the majority of cyberattacks are the result of human error.

Stay protected with Fitzrovia IT

Our specialist security consultants can work with you to provide a solution that’s right for your business. We support clients with one-off projects or on a long-term basis, helping to protect against cyberattack using the very latest security technology.

Sadly, there’s no business or organisation in the world that can claim to be 100 per cent protected against ransomware and other malicious software. But with a regularly updated security policy, supported by appropriate backup, data recovery and ongoing staff training, it’s possible to mitigate against such attacks, keeping downtime to a minimum and, most crucially, keeping your data secure.

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