The ‘Fitz’ IT Crowd

The ‘Fitz’ IT Crowd

“Hello, IT – did you try turning it off and on again?”

A catchphrase synonymous with outsourced help desks and IT departments around the globe thanks to The IT Crowd – and a marker of what a service company shouldn’t do!

But how far detached is this from today’s idea of a modern service desk? Do you feel like you’re banging your head against a brick wall whenever you’re trying to get assistance? Have Service Desks actually moved on or are they just finding new ways to ask the same old question?

At Fitzrovia, we believe that the core tenants of a great Service Desk remain constant. Popular IT buzz words will always come and go, for example ‘mobile’, ‘flexible’ and ‘customer life cycle’ are slowly being replaced by words like ‘nimble’, ‘agile’ and ‘customer loyalty’. But are this year’s en vogue terms actually making any changes to the way we operate?

In our view, not really. We don’t think it matters which words you choose to describe a great Service Desk, what matters is delivering a consistent and reliable service that your customers can trust.

The personal touch from engineers that know you and your business, their professional attitude and knowing that the person at the end of the phone, inbox or stood at your desk, has all the tools and expert skills needed to deal with your problem, are what makes our Service Desk special.

Being focused on traditional service values doesn’t stop us looking forward, or moving with the times – as we move in to 2017 we are embracing new ideas and technologies which save time and prevent issues for both ourselves and our clients. For us, its about incorporating industry best practices into our growing support teams – with the sole aim being: make your dealings with our Service Desk as easy and efficient as possible.