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Technical Architect Anuj Mehta celebrates 13 years with Fitzrovia IT

Following our recognition as Employer of the Year, we are proud to join Technical Architect Anuj Mehta in celebration of his 13th year with Fitzrovia IT.

Anuj joined Fitzrovia IT in April 2006, quickly rising through the ranks to Technical Architect. With Fitzrovia IT celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, Anuj has helped deliver cutting-edge IT solutions for over half of the firm’s life.

“Back in 2006 it was a smaller team,” said Anuj. “Fitzrovia IT has grown significantly since then, now 55-strong.”

In the fast-paced and rapidly changing tech industry, Anuj notes that Fitzrovia IT’s foundation has remained more intact than ever before.

“The IT landscape changes every day,” he said. “And Fitzrovia IT have kept pace. We’ve kept up with the times, which bodes well for our clients.”

“Since I started, Fitzrovia IT has grown tremendously. But the original team members and our core values remain absolutely the same,” he added.

And for such a keystone team player, it’s no wonder his favourite part of working at Fitzrovia IT is: “Delivering strategic IT for our clients to ensure their IT investments are fully utilised!”

“Fitzrovia IT wouldn’t be the same without Anuj,” said Dan Stanbury, Director of Fitzrovia IT. “He has been an instant asset from day one.”

With a UK employee expected to change employer every five years on average, it can be hard to come by a dedicated staff member who has stood the test of time. We have been proud to have Anuj as a leader in the team for the past 13 years.

Congratulations and thank you, Anuj!

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