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Small Business Sees Increase in Productivity Since Working From Home

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Small Business Sees Increase in Productivity Since Working From Home

As the world entered into lockdown, a concern for many small businesses’ was ensuring the productivity of remote workforces, but a recent article from ComputerWeekly.com, suggests that small businesses are seeing productivity boosts and local economies benefiting since workforces migrated home.

Earlier this year, the world was turned on its head and businesses around the world confronted the idea of mass-scale remote workforces. Many feared the changes and their impact on the small business landscape – and while not without its challenges, it seems that workforces are not only settling into a more remote lifestyle but are increasingly adopting a more flexible attitude to working out of hours.

The article, which cites research by UK telecoms provider, Vodafone, surveyed 1,003 small business employees and revealed that 40% state being more productive since working from home and 25% continue to visit their local coffee shop at least once a day. The research also suggests that UK workers have put in an average of 642 extra hours of work since March as a result of reduced commuting times.

While there was no denying just how disruptive COVID-19 has been, and with new government guidance suggesting those who can work from home, to do so, it seems that many are not only adjusting to a remote working lifestyle but are in fact prospering.

While many factors may be leading to productivity increases, an industry trend which has cemented its position in the business world is cloud computing. With the wide-spread uptake of platforms such as Teams, Zoom, M365 and Google apps – cloud infrastructure is helping many businesses’ continue to see success.

If you’re not yet on the cloud and thinking about how it can benefit your business – speak to our team today, who can walk you through the industry leaders as well as a bespoke migration strategy that delivers the cloud computing requirements specific to your business.

What’s more, if you’re looking to improve your productivity while working from home, we’ve put together a number of COVID friendly resources on surviving working from home and productivity apps that unlock your workflow.