How to: Secure your data centre in a digital world

How to: Secure your data centre in a digital world

Digital transformation and innovation have become key business objectives for many people, however, several challenges come to light when securing IT infrastructure in the digital landscape.

If data can live anywhere, security must be everywhere in order to protect that data. It must stretch much further to protect critical information and IT systems, as stolen data can mean a loss of customers, high recovery costs and damage to your company’s reputation.

Some of the biggest issues around data centre security include:

  • Controlling who has access to the data centre and how that access is gained
  • Cyber Security for both physical and virtual environments
  • Provisioning security at the same speed as infrastructure – making sure nothing is ever left unprotected
  • Industry regulation and compliance across a variety of industries

So, how can you secure your data centre against the dangers of the digital world?

Well, firstly, the focus needs to be on security solutions that reduce the potential for human error and improve the speed at which you can detect and respond to a potential breach of security. This will help to minimise any interruption to your business.

Using automated security solutions with real time monitoring and reporting will ensure that protection is always enabled.

Our ISO 27001 accreditation shows that we adhere to international standards of best practice for Information Security Management and compliance, keeping your data assets safe and secure. If you would like to know more about this, how to become accredited yourself or to learn how you can achieve the Government backed Cyber Essentials Certificate, call us today on 0203 727 6021.

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