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Worried about cybersecurity? Let us do some friendly phishing for you.

Featured image: hacker on a code background - Read full post: Worried about cybersecurity? Let us do some friendly phishing for you.

Worried about cybersecurity? Let us do some friendly phishing for you.

It’s a known fact that most breaches of cyber security are the result of human error. Often these are innocent mistakes, yet they can have devastating consequences to a company’s IT network.

But what kind of mistakes are we likely to make? Falling for a phishing scam is one of the most common examples.

We can all picture the scenario. It’s a busy day in the office. Distracted by the list of jobs on your to-do list, you hurriedly open an email as it drops into your inbox. There’s an attachment on the email and you click that too. In a split second you realise your error, but it’s too late. You’ve opened a phishing email and it’s booby-trapped with malware. The malware is now spreading through your firm’s network, compromising data and leading to a shutdown of the company’s entire IT system.

We all like to think we’d never fall victim to a phishing scam. But as hackers become ever more sophisticated, every staff member in your organisation is vulnerable. The chilling fact is that cybercriminals are now able to intercept ongoing email threads, fooling staff into thinking an email is perfectly genuine.

The message is clear. It’s vital to stay educated and aware so that your staff are ready when (and it is when, not if) a phishing attack comes your way.

Fitzrovia IT can train your team to help build an effective cyber security strategy, putting strict protocols into place that will minimise your chances of falling victim to attack.

We can protect your IT infrastructure and critical data against security threats using the very latest technology, complying with all statutory regulations and ensuring industry best practice.

In addition, our boutique service can be tailored to suit your business. For example, as part of our security training we can send ‘friendly phishing’ emails to all staff addresses. It’s about education, not catching people out, and we’ve found that this is a highly effective method of illustrating the dangers we all face in today’s digital environment.

If you’d like to arrange a staff training session led by Fitzrovia IT, or chat about any of our cyber security services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us either via our contact form or by calling on 020 3727 6021.