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How to Use Windows Defender to Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture

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How to Use Windows Defender to Improve Your Cybersecurity Posture

Having recently touched upon the meaning of the term ‘security posture’, it only felt fitting to further explore the ways in which your business can improve its own security standing. It’s essential for your business to prioritise its cyber strategy, as security breaches and data leaks can have catastrophic consequences on business finances, reputation, and longevity. 

Today we look further into Windows Defender, a software application that protects your systems from malware and attempted attacks. 

What is Windows Defender? 


Windows Defender is a unified security platform, available as part of the Microsoft Security Essentials. The application is designed to protect your systems from malware - using a wide variety of security responses to secure your devices, including but not limited to antivirus software and hardware-based isolation.  

The main functionality of Windows Defender is threat detection, threat response, and provision of analytics. The software application is able to detect attacks across all endpoints, providing immediate automated response and threat resolution. Defender is able to detect potential threats through a combination of machine learning and security analytics, and AI is used to respond to security alerts. 

What are the Windows Defender modes? 


Windows Defender can be used in two modes: active or passive. In active mode, Defender is used as the primary antivirus software, and ‘files are scanned, threats are remediated, and detected threats are listed in your organisation's security reports and in your Windows Security app’.  

In passive mode, Defender is not the primary antivirus software. With this mode, files are still scanned and detected threat are still reported, but ‘threats are not remediated by Microsoft Defender Antivirus’. Unless your organisation is committed to a secondary software solution, then it’s highly recommendable to use Defender as your primary antivirus software solution. 

Accurate reporting, immediate threat detection, and in-built anti-malware response is integral to maintaining your business’ security. Using such a solution provides peace of mind to employees, ensuring they can work without the threat of cyber-attacks or data breaches.  

How can my business effectively adopt Windows Defender? 


If your business is using Windows 10 or 11 and the Microsoft 365 infrastructure, then Defender should be a core component of your cybersecurity arsenal. Cybersecurity is an area of business that can’t compromised on, Windows Defender is a great factor in protecting your business’ systems and client data. 

If your business is already using a non-Microsoft antivirus/anti-malware application on its devices, then you may be able to run Windows Defender Antivirus in tandem whilst in passive mode. Our expert team can discuss your security concerns and current security protocols in order to explore the best options and strategies for the future of your business’ security posture.  

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team at Fitzrovia IT have a comprehensive knowledge of all things Microsoft and can implement expert Microsoft solutions for your business. To discuss Windows Defender, or arrange a full audit of your cyber security systems, contact one of our IT experts today.