Every Business Needs a Secure File Sharing Solution

Every Business Needs a Secure File Sharing Solution

Does your business search and access corporate data anywhere, any time, on any device? Are you worried about the security of data uploaded to cloud file sharing platforms?

Many consumer sharing solutions don’t provide the features a business needs to be compliant with data security practices, however our Partner Datto have a new file sharing platform Datto Drive, which allows you to do have all the access you need and maintain the knowledge of and control over the data’s location.

Datto provides total protection for your business data, so when you come to choosing a secure file sync and share solution for your business, you can be sure that Datto will automatically protect your data stored in the secure Datto cloud.

Often business grade file sharing and collaborative solutions can be expensive despite being important to your business. However, Datto Drive File Sync and Share is available for as little as £10 per month. Unlike other file sync and share options available, Datto Drive was designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind. Many tools such as DropBox were developed as a consumer solution which then evolved into business solutions, resulting in some security and operational drawbacks.

Datto Drive combines the ease of use of a consumer sharing solution but has the added robustness of encryption, tracking, auditing, versioning and accessibility controls necessary for a complete business solution enabling your team to store and collaborate on all files and projects from any operating system or mobile device.

Datto Drive offers a secure, affordable, feature rich solution which could allow your business to increase productivity, by enabling you to combine other file sharing services into one place and save you and your employees time as everyone will know exactly where to find shared business files and trust that they are the latest edits due to file syncing. It is available on all mobile devices thanks to the mobile app, allowing you to upload, edit, share and collaborate wherever you are.

We have introduced many of our clients to Datto to enhance data security within their businesses, if you would like to know more about Datto or Datto Drive, just give our friendly team a call on 0203 727 6021 and we would be happy to talk you through it.

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