Meet Our New Security Consultant

Meet Our New Security Consultant

At Fitzrovia IT, we maintain the belief that a business is only as good as its staff. With that in mind, we must’ve just got a whole lot better, thanks to our new recruit Steven Turner! Steven joins the Fitzrovia family as our new Security Consultant.

Steven come from an ex-military background, with a strong focus on security, both from behind a desk and in the field, as the Personal Protection Officer to the Head of Military Police!

Steven has a number of very interesting stories to tell, including running the IT and tech support for a major investigation from a laptop, in a ‘sweat box’ ISO container in Iraq! I think it’s fair to say our pleasantly air-conditioned offices are a welcome change!

He has been involved in International Operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, which have had to be handled with the highest level of security and secrecy. One such operation involved seizing network data and equipment from a highly sensitive network.

Over the years, Steven has gained a number of Project Management qualifications, along with substantial amounts of experience. However, it was his work in Systems Administration for the Special Investigation Division, that sparked Steven’s interest in IT. He went on to study for a degree in Forensics Computing and Cyber Security, before spending some time working for IBM.

Throughout his career, Steven has worked extensively with SME’s – finding out their specific needs, working out their unique characteristics and how best to serve these. Through this work, he has identified a number of recurring themes, and hopes to help every business he interacts with avoid these common pitfalls. One of these issues is that businesses often fail to mitigate significant risk around their cloud infrastructure. It is thought that by adopting cloud services, you are automatically improving your businesses security, therefore people are quick to offload their risk to Cloud Computing without doing proper research. However, just because you use cloud services, doesn’t mean you are more secure – you must use them properly, adopting working practices just as robust as the ones they have in place. Government-backed schemes like Cyber Essentials can help businesses who are worried about security, contact us to find out more >>

I hope since reading this, you will agree that we are very lucky that Steven has joined us here at Fitzrovia, and you’ll join us in welcoming him and his extensive security knowledge/experience to the team!