Fitzrovia IT celebrates 20th anniversary

Fitzrovia IT celebrates 20th anniversary

For Fitzrovia IT, 2019 marks two decades of providing IT support for our clients in London and beyond.

We kicked off celebrations for the big 2-0 back in January with the launch of our new website, which featured a fresh new layout and user-friendly design, as well as animated illustrations and candid photography of our team.

We continue to be excited about sharing our new website with you, which reflects a major milestone in Fitzrovia IT’s life.

No one can deny, it is a huge improvement from our very first website back in 1999!

It was during the unveiling of Fitzrovia IT’s new website that we also debuted a second surprise – a refresh of the Fitzrovia IT brand. Wondering why we’ve been a bit more blue lately? We’ve evolved our brand in the midst of our 20th anniversary, now featuring our iconic red alongside a captivating new, blue colour scheme.

We’ve enjoyed celebrating our 20th birthday this year – whether it’s unveiling a new website, festivities amongst staff or celebrations with clients.

But the celebrations don’t stop there. We’re only halfway through our 20th year, and sometimes you have to gather everyone in the conference room for some delicious sweet treats.

After all – what’s a birthday without any cake?