Cyber security – are your staff the weakest link?

Cyber security – are your staff the weakest link?

It’s difficult to read the news these days without finding a story about cyber crime. From Meltdown and Spectre to data-stealing Trojans, there’s a hidden army of hackers out there waiting to infiltrate our IT systems.

While you could be forgiven for feeling helpless in the face of relentless threats, here at Fitzrovia IT we think it’s important to keep a positive mindset and concentrate on the ways in which we can protect our clients from data breaches and digital extortion.

According to leading industry research, over 90% of all successful cyber attacks are as a result of information unwittingly provided by employees. It’s clear, therefore, that education is key – and that ignorance is often the culprit when catastrophe strikes.

As hackers develop ever more sophisticated techniques, staff need regular training on how to spot phishing emails. Not convinced? If you think you or your employees are immune to scammers, why not take our ‘friendly phishing’ test? This service is designed to uncover the chinks in your IT armour and educate employees on how to avoid fraudulent emails.

During staff training, we will:

  • Demonstrate real phishing examples
  • Discuss reporting protocol for suspicious emails
  • Help foster a positive mindset, not a blame culture

No-one wants to feel as if they’ve been fooled. Rather than finger-pointing, if an employee falls foul of a phishing test it’s important to focus on what could be done better, rather than dwell on ‘failings’.

You don’t have to be an existing Fitzrovia IT client to benefit from this service. If you’re interested in booking a staff training session, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our London office, either via our contact form or by calling on 020 3727 6021. We’ll discuss a bespoke package that suits the needs of your business. From small start-ups to global corporations, we work with all kinds of clients to protect their IT systems and help their businesses prosper.

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