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Awarded New Investors in People Accreditation!

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Awarded New Investors in People Accreditation!

In 2011, Fitzrovia IT successfully sought accreditation against the Investors in People (IIP) standard and for each of the 3 years following, have accomplished the IIP accreditation.

The world-recognised IIP sixth generation framework has now been introduced, and Fitzrovia IT are delighted to announce that as a firm, we have just been awarded the new accreditation, reflecting the very best in people management excellence.

The new IIP framework inspires fantastic loyalty from staff and clients in delivering impressive customer service. IIP call these organisation’s that meet the standard, Outperformers. Outperforming organisations are constantly improving to keep ahead and they understand that achieving excellence is a journey.

Over the past few years, Fitzrovia has grown significantly as a company and this has been supported by an effective approach to staff engagement, as Fitzrovia encourage the development of its staff through training programs, team building, mentoring and keynote presentations.

Our final IIP assessment report observes, “the commitment of Fitzrovia IT to its people is central to the achievement of its vision, values and objectives. This ensures there is a high level of commitment to the values of Fitzrovia IT amongst its people. The client is all important, that’s what sits at the heart of the company and its values”.

To achieve the new IIP accreditation, Fitzrovia were assessed against many themes and indicators. Of the 27 themes within the new IIP 6 Framework, we consistently scored above average for the Information and Communication Industry sector.

Fitzrovia IT are committed to building a strong work force to serve our clients to the highest possible standard and the Investors in People assessors have duly recognised this with the following key paragraph from the report – “Strengths are seen in the skills of its staff, and in the long-term relationships that Fitzrovia IT has with its clients.”

As an organisation, we feel very proud of all our staff and very proud to have had our commitment to them recognised by Investors in People. We look forward to keeping up the good work!