You can climb mountains!

You can climb mountains!

Last month we set out on a quest to uncover the secrets of inspirational leadership in an enthralling workshop led by ex-Commando and SAS captain turned entrepreneur, Neil Laughton.

In the latest of our Make IT Happen sessions, Neil shared his exceptional life experiences as a military man, adventurer and business leader. His many expeditions, including climbing Everest with the young Bear Grylls, have tested his leadership and resolve to the limit – skills which he has transferred to his successful career as founding director and executive chairman of a multi-million pound group of companies.

With virtual pickaxe in hand, Neil set out three factors which he believes are essential for scaling the heights of business success. These were:

  • Strategy: establishing a plan for obtaining a specific major result
  • Leadership: creating a compelling and inspirational picture of the future, whatever the situation
  • Teamwork: two or more people working effectively to achieve an objective

As he shared his incredible stories, Neil inspired all those present at the workshop, instilling a firm belief that businesses can achieve extraordinary results once the right strategy, leadership and teamworking ethos are in place.

Neil’s business career began as a door-to-door office equipment salesman, working on commission only. He went on to become founding director of his own companies in the property development, construction, commercial interiors and office furniture sectors.

Our Make IT Happen breakfast workshops, hosted at our central London offices, are designed to give our clients and their associates fresh insights into business practice. We’ve welcomed speakers from various disciplines including a mindfulness coach and a cyber-security expert.

For more information about the workshops, and to register your interest, please get in touch either via our contact form or call us on 020 3727 6021.