Windows 11 Overview – The Latest and Greatest

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Windows 11 Overview – The Latest and Greatest

The Next Evolution of Windows


On June 24, 2021, Microsoft officially announced Windows 11, and with an imminent release date of October 5th, it has rapidly become one of 2021’s most notable tech announcements.


Dubbed as ‘the next evolution of Windows’, with the largest update to the operating system since Windows 10, it is said to offer the latest and greatest user experience which enhances end-user productivity while boasting an easy-to-use interface. Windows 11 has been constructed on the same foundation as Windows 10, enabling users who have purchased a machine with Windows 10 capabilities to upgrade to the newest system for free.


But what else can we expect from this newest update from Microsoft?


What’s New?


Although the new update has many new features, below is a list of the most relevant and exciting features for the tech industry.

  1. An all-new design that has a modern and simplistic feel.
  2. The start menu will now bring together the cloud and your local  Microsoft 365 environment, allowing you to access your recent files no matter the device you are viewing them on.
  3.  A new screen layout will provide an even more powerful way to multitask allowing users to further optimize their workspace.
  4. Microsoft Teams will now be directly integrated into the taskbar providing a faster way to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family.
  5. Windows 11 is optimized for speed, efficiency, and improved experiences with touch, digital pen, and voice input.
  6. Widgets now provide a faster way to access essential information, combined with Microsoft Edge’s world-class performance, speed, and productivity features you can now work on the internet more efficiently.
  7. Windows 11 is the operating system that has been designed for hybrid work, offering an experience that matches how you work, is easy to use and manage, and is flexible across machines.


The Bottom Line


As described by Microsoft, “Windows 11 is designed to support today’s hybrid work environment and intended to be the most reliable, secure, connected, and performant Windows operating system ever.” With the world adapting to modern working patterns such as work-from-home and hybrid work environments, Microsoft has created their newest update with this in mind.


Similar to Windows 10, Windows 11 will also have monthly quality updates to ensure optimal running. However, a new aspect of Windows 11 is that it will have feature updates annually.


Windows 11 officially launches on October 5th and has many people in the community eagerly anticipating its arrival. Stay tuned for more blog posts about Windows 11 before its release. If you’d like learn more about the Windows 11 migration process and how you can get started, contact us today.