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Why Your Business Needs a VPN for Optimal Security and Flexibility

Featured image: Devices on a corporate VPN network  - Read full post: Why Your Business Needs a VPN for Optimal Security and Flexibility

Why Your Business Needs a VPN for Optimal Security and Flexibility

If your business is looking to improve its cybersecurity posture whilst enhancing employee productivity and flexibility, then a corporate VPN may be the best solution to your needs.

As businesses seek to ensure long term growth and longevity in this period of change and instability, many are looking for IT solutions that benefit their employees as well as the business as whole. With many workers still practising hybrid working, VPNs provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to ensure maximum cybersecurity policy is being implemented.

What is a VPN?


A VPN is a private network that securely sends data between two locations, the acronym itself standing for Virtual Private Network (VPN). A VPN runs on top of the internet, transmitting data through an encrypted tunnel which keeps all information secure.

VPNs provide businesses with much greater flexibility as they can be used to securely connect varying business locations; the encrypted data can be relayed between disparate geographical locations with ensured encryption, keeping data private and secure.

How can a VPN benefit my business?


VPNs can provide numerous benefits to businesses, primarily; increased security; remote accessibility to corporate infrastructure; uniformity across operations.

Utilising a VPN helps minimise or completely avoid a number of threats associated with public networks. When accessing corporate data, the usage of public networks can pose a security threat due to a lack of encryption and weak security systems. Hackers and criminals can often capitalise on weaknesses present in the public network to worm their way into your systems, subsequently accessing your business’ and clients’ data. VPNs mitigate this threat thanks to their strong encryption levels and additional security.

Similarly, when employees need to travel they may fall foul of suspect networks and lacking connectivity. VPNs allow employees to securely connect to corporate systems and data no matter their location, securely transferring data even when working abroad. VPNs provide businesses with much greater flexibility, allowing easy hybrid-working whilst giving employees peace of mind in their network security.

If all employees are utilising your corporate VPN, this provides a strong level of uniformity across all operations, ensuring cybersecurity policies are being followed and implemented. It’s essential to keep your IT practices as uniform as possible, to prevent potential cyber threats and ensure all employees are adhering to security recommendations.

Our VPN Recommendations


At Fitzrovia IT we have assisted numerous clients in adopting a VPN to help achieve their business goals. As a company we recommend Nord VPN to our clients, as it’s one of the most reliable, robust, secure and user-friendly VPNs on the market.

Nord VPN has consistently received outstanding reviews for its speed and safety, being ranked as one of the top VPNs in the industry. It has garnered praise for its military-grade encryption and global servers, providing users with an exceptional level of service and usability. The VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. Nord VPN operate a strict ‘no-logs policy’, meaning no sensitive client data is stored on its servers, preventing threat of data leaks.

In recent months Nord VPN have also been adapting their Threat Protection provision; releasing blockers for ads, trackers and malicious websites. Threat Protection can be run alongside your regular antivirus protection systems without conflict, adding a further level of security to your IT operations.

As a trusted IT partner to our clients, we take pride in recommending reliable IT solutions that provide exceptional results. So, if you want to discuss the possibilities of adopting a VPN for your business, contact one of our expert team today or call 020 3727 6020.