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The Benefits of Using a Managed Service Provider

Following a year of significant global change, it is now essential for businesses to have a reliable yet adaptable IT strategy. With various constraints affecting small and mediums sized businesses (SME’s) such as price, time, and lack of support, many turn to a Managed Service Provider to assist them with their various strategic IT needs. An MSP, such as Fitzrovia IT, is an outsourced third-party that manages technological support, advice, and solutions for their clients.  

But what exactly are the benefits of using an MSP to deliver your IT strategy?    


Proactive Support   


If a business requires ironclad IT infrastructure, it’s essential to have access to superfast IT support when systems do fail. Business downtime can significantly impact an organisation’s productivity, profitability, and reputation. With proactive MSP support, your provider can give round-the-clock support and tackle issues before they become detrimental. However, when a fix is required, a fast response should be expected to help resume service as normal to protect against serious repercussions.    

Part of this proactive IT support is the ongoing maintenance that businesses receive as part of an MSP. Being consistent with maintaining the servers, networks, and cloud systems that power a business, allows the company to operate at the highest efficiency.   

The experience of an MSP also grantthe business a better response time to market shifts and to improve systems, improving the overall agility of the business.    

At Fitzrovia IT, we pride ourselves on the statistics and productivity of our support functions – with 91% of tickets responded to in under 4 minutes, and 87% closed in under an hour. At Fitzrovia IT we believe that a proactive approach to IT support is essential in establishing a strong strategy.  


Expert Advice   


A major advantage of using an MSP is the expert advice that you can access as part of their network. Once a business is part of that MSP’s network, they will reap the benefits of having access to industry experts and the knowledge and skills that come with the team, allowing the business to have the most up-to-date working knowledge.   

Alternatively, a firm could invest in the hiring of more in-house specialists, but this of course is expensive and time-consuming. An MSP has experts for every vertical curates those with only the best experience, allowing you to gain access to a world of valuable advice for your business without the strain additional human resources can add to your business.    


Advanced Security    


Prevention is always better than the cure, and ensuring that your company is best protected is essential for business. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminal activity has increased by almost 600% and over the past year, more than 80% of UK businesses fell victim to successful cyber attacks. There is no room for error in terms of protecting your business’ employees, clients, and private data.   

An MSP provides both preventative measures and security solutions against cyberattacks, as well as relaying up-to-date expertise on the latest cyber threats and appropriate solutions.   

Being able to identify cyber-attacks is only half the battle, being able to prevent them is crucial to sustaining business. Read our latest guide which outlines the most common cybersecurity attacks, and how we at Fitzrovia IT can help you.   


Flexible Pricing   


SME’s sometimes find that having reliable and knowledgeable in-house IT personnel to run their IT operations is a costly expenditure.   

A primary benefit of partnering with an MSP is the cost savings it provides; most MSPs allowing businesses to tailor support packages and projects to their individual needs. Working with an MSP removes the threat of hidden costs and variability of service. 


In conclusion, there are various advantages of utilising an MSP’s services, with constant support and maintenance, access to expert advice, a secure network all at an affordable price point making the option a very appealing one. Overall, an MSP can vastly increase a business’s efficiency.  

If you want to find out more about Fitzrovia IT’s services, or how we can help you with migration or other services, get in touch today. 

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