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Could You Save Your Business Money?

Could You Save Your Business Money?

In this changing and uncertain economic climate, it’s only natural for you to look at ways to save your business money and operate more efficiently.

A good place to start is to review your current outgoings and see if there are any obvious areas where you could cut unnecessary costs. When you come to looking at your IT spend, short term agreements and consumption based costings such as those we offer at Fitzrovia, could help you remain flexible and only spend what you need to. You may face changes to things such as the size of your workforce in the coming months, so a ‘cost per user’ plan could be a good value for money option for your business, providing you with the ability to be responsive. Conducting an IT health check (we can do this for you!) will enable you to see how well your current IT infrastructure is operating and identify any areas which require future costs in advance, so they can be budgeted for.

Try asking yourself the following questions, they might help you identify other areas where you could save your business money …

  • Are you wasting money on office space? Could you introduce secure remote working so your employees can work from home?
  • Could you could save yourself time and money by using innovative business resources such as Skype for Business to conduct meetings?
  • Do you have any projects in the pipeline that aren’t economical is terms of cost? Is there anything you could do to change this such as upgrading systems or hardware rather than replacing it?
  • Could you save money on your power bills? Frequently overlooked, this is actually an area where considerable savings can be found – hosted services could remove these costs from your balance sheet.

While there are certainly opportunities to spend less and achieve the same results, it’s important to consider the things which shouldn’t be compromised. For example, be prepared with a weather tight disaster recovery plan – in the event that a disaster was to occur, the cost implications of not having the right backup processes in place could mean the end for many businesses.

– Use our handy Disaster Recover Checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered

Ultimately, being in partnership with people you trust in times of uncertainty can be invaluable. One of the most important things we want our clients know is that no matter what variations there may be in external influences, our relationship with our clients does not change.

With Fitzrovia as your IT business partner, you’ll get the best value for your money – helping you to increase efficiency, decrease outgoings and maintain your competitive edge. Our fixed-cost IT support provides you with unlimited, 24/7 IT support (including site visits) so you know exactly how much your IT will cost you each month whether you’ve simply deleted a file by mistake, or had a complete server meltdown!