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Week In The Life Of Our Account Management & Client Relationships Team

Week In The Life Of Our Account Management & Client Relationships Team

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Fitzrovia is the personal touch we add to our support.

We think that our ‘real people, building real relationships’ motto sets us apart from our competitors. So, what better way to demonstrate this than by giving you an insight into a week in the life of our Account Management and Client Relationships team?

Monday – Jake Burtonshaw:

A company based in the home counties required an entire network and infrastructure upgrade review after an onsite consultation. So on Monday, I produced this as part of an ongoing plan to upgrade their systems and implement a disaster recovery plan in the event of a system failure. Up to date systems also help to prevent security issues, which in today’s climate, is very important.

Tuesday – Nicholas Wellington:

Following many lengthy meetings and a thorough tender process, I was able to sign an agreement with a Global Investment Bank, to offer full support and consultancy services. We were shortlisted by them initially, as they were having difficulties with support after “business hours”. At Fitzrovia, we offer a 24/7 support service to clients, something we have noticed is especially important in the Financial Services Sector.

Wednesday – Paul Smith:

At the moment, I’m working alongside a client who recently suffered a major security attack. Whilst this type of attack would affect all businesses, had Fitzrovia IT not been able to intercept the attack and it had been successful, the potential loss for this client would have been catastrophic.
Following these events, I am in the process of assisting our client in obtaining the relevant security accreditations via Cyber Essentials to minimise future security risks.

Thursday – Adam Larsson:

Thursdays are normally one of the days I dedicate to networking and meeting clients. This usually consists of an early breakfast networking event to meet prospective clients and strategic partners. After mass consumption of coffee and croissants, my meetings with existing clients usually begin.

However, it’s not all work, work, work and I often get the opportunity to have lunch with one of my lucky clients and, if they have been really nice to me, drinks in the evening. A benefit of working in the City and a reward for my 6am starts!

Friday – Jamie Laridon:

On Friday, I reached an agreement with an international Architecture practice in migrating a number of services to Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. This will enable them to communicate more efficiently and remove the capital expenditure usually associated with email. Moving to Office 365 will enable this client to be more productive and increase efficiency.

If you’d like to get to know any of our team better, please call them on 0203 727 6021 and arrange to meet them for a coffee!