Keen to grow your business? Take inspiration from a flock of geese!

Keen to grow your business? Take inspiration from a flock of geese!

The last in our series of breakfast workshops was the most inspiring yet. Led by keynote speaker Paul Adamson, we were taken on a memorable journey that encompassed Formula 1, yacht racing and the flight patterns of geese!

Paul is a sales performance consultant who has worked with global companies including, Zurich Plc and Red Bull. He’s also an expert in the global yachting industry, captaining Formula 1 team boss Eddie Jordan’s super yacht around the world. Paul’s energetic and insightful approach engaged every member of the audience – in fact, it was incredible how much he packed in to the 45-minute session.

Adopting a positive mindset is key to Paul’s approach. He explained that, just as we update computer software, it’s possible to re-set the neural pathways of the brain to help the mind run faster and more efficiently.

The way we start the day is key. Take control of your mind first thing in the morning, advised Paul. Don’t open up a negative email before you’ve even got out of bed – instead, visualise the positive things you’re going to achieve, and let your mood be optimistic when you walk into the office. Scientific research has shown that visualisation is a powerful tool that’s used to great effect in sport: when Olympians visualise that moment of winning, they’re more likely to be successful in a race.

The domino effect of positivity can influence your whole day, helping to boost productivity not just for you personally, but for the team around you.

Teamwork was another thread that Paul explored. He used the example of a flock of geese flying in a v-formation (complete with honking sound effects!). In this formation, geese can fly about 70% farther with the same amount of energy than if each goose flew alone. This is because of the ‘lifting power’ that comes from the geese at the front, which reduces air resistance for those flying behind. Geese rotate their positions to ensure maximum efficiency – a natural example of teamwork that we can all take inspiration from.

Intelligent working – how Fitzrovia IT can help

Here at Fitzrovia IT, we have built our consultancy on many of the principles that Paul Adamson described. With a positive mindset, effective leadership and collaboration, businesses not only survive but thrive.

Our clients treat us as part of their team, helping to deliver a streamlined and secure IT strategy that maintains a competitive edge. Please contact us on 020 3727 6021 to discuss how we can help your business.