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How can an IT roadmap help your business cut its ad-hoc IT spending?

Featured image: IT roadmap on chalkboard - Read full post: How can an IT roadmap help your business cut its ad-hoc IT spending?

How can an IT roadmap help your business cut its ad-hoc IT spending?

Over the past couple of years businesses have had to rapidly adapt to changing work practices – implementing new work models, new software and new technologies. As the period of rapid adaptation begins to slow, now is the best time for businesses to consider their IT strategy going forward, with careful consideration given to costs and benefits.

IT roadmaps provide a perfect answer for businesses who are looking to evaluate their spending whilst implementing new IT solutions for the future. With the help of a trusted IT services partner, many enterprises have found that ironclad strategy is the perfect solution for ensuring growth and longevity.

So, if you’re sick of spending ad-hoc money on your IT services, then continue reading to find out what an IT roadmap is, and why it may just be the best solution for your business moving forward.

What is an IT roadmap?


Simply put, an IT roadmap is a strategy plan for the future, putting your executives and IT experts on the same page with regards to IT spend and business goals. In order to develop, forecast and strategically plan their IT requirements for the next year, a business may create this IT roadmap to ensure budget is being spent appropriately and expected developments are being made. The roadmap is used to identify new goals, with subsequent implementation of accordant strategy – preventing stagnation and outdated technology.

The IT roadmap touches on all elements of IT strategy; whether you want to migrate your enterprise’s data to a new cloud system, upgrade to a new enterprise software platform, or expedite device deployment strategies, the roadmap can account for it.

What benefits will I gain from creating an IT roadmap?


First and foremost, your IT roadmap will provide you with a clear guide for the future, with trackable metrics. Formulating a plan your managed services partner will provide expert insight and evaluation of your current processes, with a clear and determined plan for the enhancement of your systems.

As a product of having a detailed strategy set out for the next 12+ months, you will be able to closely track the results of your planned IT spend and track how the implementation of new technologies boosts business. For example, if your IT roadmap encompasses device deployment strategy (eg. the implementation of Windows Autopilot), you can track employee productivity in the months following the strategy change.

Similarly, if you opt to move your data to a cloud platform, you can follow and assess the increased flexibility and scalability in working practices for employees. You can also track the impacts of the additional security provided by cloud infrastructure on your business’ data security, visually tracking the benefits provided by your defined strategy.

Furthermore, in formulating an IT roadmap with your MSP, you may discover a number of tech opportunities for growth that you hadn’t previously considered. For example, at Fitzrovia IT we are able to offer clients a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (VCTO) service. While planning your IT strategy for the future, your business can gain the services of our top IT executives to carry out the role of Virtual CTO.

Employing a Virtual CTO greatly cuts costs for your enterprise (reducing the need for a full-time CTO), whilst also allowing all-round greater flexibility, innovation, and financial awareness – ensuring your technology plans are implementable yet robust enough for the coming years. The employment of a Virtual CTO may arise as part of your initial strategy discussions – as may many other IT solutions you may been previously unaware of.

Collaborating for Change


 Thus, as businesses continue to adapt and scale their business models for the future, IT roadmaps are continuing to grow in popularity thanks to their trackable results and cost saving opportunities. Any enterprise looking to compete in the fast-paced world of modern business should be continuously reviewing its IT systems, however, an IT roadmap may be the best solution to ensuring business growth, increased business security and client retention in years to come.

If you want to review your current IT systems and implement a new IT roadmap for your business, then don’t hesitate to contact one of our IT experts today.