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Case Study: Putting customer feedback at the centre of our future

Fitzrovia IT recently teamed up to conduct a case study with SmileBack, the leading platform measuring customer satisfaction. We discussed our commitment to keeping clients happy and how we use customer feedback to continually improve our IT support services. Check out the case study below, or as originally posted on SmileBack’s blog

Celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, Fitzrovia IT are an established IT support company that have stood the test of time.

Nestled in their Fitzrovia-based offices in the heart of London, Fitzrovia IT focus on providing trusted IT support with a neighbourly feel to their everexpanding client base. 

With a range of first-class services including business IT support, cybersecurity, relocations services, and consultancy, Fitzrovia IT ensures a customised solution with a proactive, strategic approach for businesses both in London and beyond

And, as with any client base, they’ve kept customer satisfaction and service as their top priorities 

“SmileBack has been invaluable in helping us do so,” said Dan Stanbury, Director of Fitzrovia IT.  

Painting a detailed picture of performance

In just over a year of implementing SmileBackFitzrovia IT have amassed 440 reviews with a 90.9% positive review rate. 

By using the system in conjunction with reporting software BrightGaugethe Fitzrovia IT team have cemented SmileBack as a key tool for their business.  

“SmileBack is incredibly important in accurately gauging the level of service being provided,” says James Booker, Head of Operations. We use this information to improve the client experience as well as analyse overall engineer performance. 

Each piece of feedback secured by SmileBack is processedreviewed and responded to by Fitzrovia IT’s Service Desk Manager, Lee HurleyFeedback is also passed along to Fitzrovia IT’s Account Management team, who use this information to provide additional value when speaking with their clients.  

SmileBack is a simple and easy to use tool, both for reporting and for the end user interaction. A few clicks and well-chosen comments can detail so much about an issue, how it was fixed and the performance of the support technician,” James said. 

As an IT support company in London, it has helped transform the way we work.”  

Creating a morale boost

At Fitzrovia IT, all engineers are provided with their own SmileBack dashboards to show their progress and feedback.  

“These individual dashboards are incredibly helpful for engineers to keep track of their performance, encouraging them to maintain high scores and provide consistent, excellentcustomer service,” says James. 

And, it can also create some friendly competition for the various internal awards we offer!” 

In a fast-paced and challenging managed services environmentJames and the team use the positive feedback gathered from SmileBack to provide monthly awards to recognise outstanding performance.  

The MSP environment can be hectic, and our engineers are on a daily hunt to fix various problems. Positive feedback or appreciation of good work are always good to hear and can really make an engineer’s day,” he said. 

I’ve seen engineers get a fantastic review and their confidence and IT ability sky-rocket as a result! The impact of a few words can make a huge difference.” 

Increasing customer satisfaction in a measured way

Ultimately, Fitzrovia IT is committed to being the leading IT support company in London. And the way forward for them is investing in customer service.

Customer satisfaction is key to our business,” says DanAnd SmileBack has helped us understand exactly how we are performing.” 

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