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FitzFavourites: Five Free Home-Schooling Resources

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FitzFavourites: Five Free Home-Schooling Resources

This week, February 1st – 7th, the UK celebrates Children’s Mental Health Week 2021. Schools, organizations, and individuals will join together to highlight mental health in children. CMHW comes as school closures see many parents juggling both WFH and home-schooling. That’s why this week, we’re highlighting free resources that can assist in home-schooling.

5 home-schooling resources available now

BBC Bitesize – All subjects

With material for children of any age, BBC Bitesize supports the National Curriculum. Covering the subjects your kids are currently studying, in small digestible chunks.

Completely free, BBC Bitesize is a great resource to supplement school learning. Plus, for those approaching their final years, BBC Bitesize provides career advice.

Visit BBC Bitesize

BBC Teach – All subjects

BBC Teach provides longer content for children, either live or pre-recorded. This free resource from the BBC provides well-made lessons for both kids and parents.

Plus, with references to popular TV shows, it will help to keep kids engaged in the resources.

Visit BBC Teach

Duolingo – Languages

While considered a tool for adult learners, Duolingo can also benefit children. With lessons designed especially for school kids, Duolingo can help continue language learning.

Built primarily for mobile devices, Duolingo can also support desktop learning. Duolingo covers both written and spoken conversation by introducing phrases and words across a range of modules. Plus, the bite-size lessons and instant feedback make it a great tool to use.

Visit Duolingo

The Artful Parent – Arts

As with school subjects, it’s important to create room for creativity. With the help of TheArtfulParent, parents can plan lessons that prompt creative thought.

From drawing, sculpting, or making playdough, TheArtfulParent is packed with great ideas.

Visit the artful parent

Scratch – Computer Science

If you’ve got a budding programmer on your hands, the free tool Scratch helps teach programming languages online. Designed for for ages 8 to 16. Scratch encourages kids to create stories, games, and animations from scratch with coding.

Scratch is available on desktop and mobile devices for free.

Visit scratch