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Enhancing Collaboration: What's New In Microsoft Teams?

Following the rebrand of Microsoft's Office Suite from "Microsoft Office" to "Microsoft 365," it comes as no surprise that the tech giant is continuously enhancing and upgrading their suite of productivity tools. The Microsoft Teams app, a collaborative platform and video conferencing platform that helps people work together effectively, has undergone significant modifications to improve speed and user-friendliness. This overhaul has been underway for several years, and Microsoft has announced that the updated app is already available for preview.

Microsoft Teams provides employees with a collaborative platform featuring chat, file sharing, and video calling capabilities, all designed to enhance teamwork and encourage collaboration throughout an organisation, even if some members of the team work remotely or flexibly. Every company will want to structure Teams in a way that fits their environment.

In today's fast-paced and rapidly-evolving business landscape, modern work has become more dynamic and flexible than ever before, with remote and flexible work options becoming increasingly popular. As a result, businesses require tools that can support their teams to collaborate effectively, regardless of location or work style. In this article, we will discuss the key updates in Microsoft Teams and how they may be leveraged to boost productivity within your organisation.


The latest iteration of Teams has been optimised to maximise the efficiency of system resources, resulting in up to a 50% reduction in memory usage. Additionally, this updated app provides faster launch times and improved meeting joining speeds of up to 2X faster, therefore enabling businesses to enhance productivity and prioritise critical tasks. Furthermore, the new Teams app offers support for users who collaborate across multiple organisations and manage multiple work accounts.

Here are some more key updates that are included in the Microsoft Teams overhaul:

  • Increased speed and resource efficiency: In order to enhance navigation, Microsoft have prioritised user interactions that occur most commonly, such as switching between various chats, channels, and activities. This is particularly crucial as the average user typically switches between these features approximately 10,000 times each month, highlighting the importance of a faster and more responsive experience. With the updated Teams app, users can instantly switch between chats, channels, and activities without any lag time or delay in content loading.

  • Secured Business Data: Microsoft have implemented advanced security measures to enhance the protection of the system, including the adoption of Trusted Types (a web security technology designed to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks by limiting the types of JavaScript that can be executed on a web page). Furthermore, a more rigorous Content Security Policy has been implemented, resulting in heightened protection against XSS attacks for users of the new Teams app.

  • Effective Collaboration: The latest version of Teams offers enhanced collaboration capabilities that transcend organisational boundaries. Users can actively sign into multiple accounts simultaneously, and receive real-time notifications, regardless of which account is currently active. This enables seamless engagement with users across multiple accounts and organisations, without having to exit a call or meeting, therefore ensuring uninterrupted workflow. Previously, it was challenging to collaborate across organisations as you were unable to receive real-time notifications during calls or meetings across organisations or accounts. Switching from one organisation to another or from one account to another would interrupt your workflow since it requires you to continuously log in and out.


As businesses increasingly shift away from traditional infrastructure to more flexible cloud-based solutions, Microsoft Teams has emerged as a vital component of their digital transformation strategy. With a variety of communication methods available to choose from, connecting and collaborating with others has become more diverse than ever before.

If your company is unsure about how to make the most of the new and improved Microsoft Teams, then your trusted IT partner should be your first point of contact. It's always advisable to partner with a Microsoft Solutions Partner MSP when working with Microsoft services, such as Fitzrovia IT.

Our expert team can help you identify your company's needs, and create a unique and custom Teams setup to suit your business. We have access to training and resources, as well as certified competencies in numerous Microsoft fields. With the latest updates to Teams, including improved speed and resource efficiency, enhanced collaboration capabilities, and advanced security measures, we can help you leverage these features to boost productivity within your organisation.



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