Cybersecurity month encourages users to ‘Think Before U Click’

Cybersecurity month encourages users to ‘Think Before U Click’

The month of October marks the 8th annual European Cybersecurity Month, held as part of the EU’s efforts to promote cybersecurity among citizens and organisations. Each year, hundreds of conferences, workshops, webinars and presentations take place across Europe to help promote cyber hygiene and security posture.

Since its start in 2012, the European Cybersecurity Month has acted as a hub for member states and has provided expert suggestions, advice and materials on different topics.

For 2020, cybersecurity month encourages users to ‘Think Before U Click’ as a response to the growing digitalisation of everyday life, as part of which, the campaign focuses on two core themes. The first of which unpacks cyber scams, with activities focused on phishing, shopping fraud and compromising business accounts, while the second theme looks to build digital skills – with activities that inform the general public on personal data protection, bullying and cybercrimes. Cybersecurity sessions aim to establish good cyber hygiene and privacy practices amongst users, while online.

The month kicked off with a video guide to avoid cyber scams:

As part of Cybersecurity month, we’ve made a number of resources publicly available in a bid to do our part in promoting cyber hygiene amongst users and businesses alike. As part of this, you can download and share any of the following resources:

To get involved, you can find more information on this year’s campaign and keep up to date on the upcoming events, webinars and resources. Plus, you can keep an eye out for our next blog post which uncovers how to improve security while working remotely – coming soon!