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It’s Here! We are launching our new website today!

Fitzrovia IT’s website has been redesigned! We wanted to give our brand new website a more fresh, modern and professional look, feel and structure that better represents our team and the way we work.

What are the changes on our new website?

We have added valuable new content and simplified the navigation to provide better functionality and a greater user experience. It is now easy to find and search for information on the Services and Support we offer, as well as information about our team and how to contact us.

Why Fitzrovia IT?

Please take a look at our page titled Why Fitzrovia IT? Here you will discover more information about our engineers, our values and us as a company including introductions to our Executive Team. You can also read testimonials from our clients about our service and support.

New features!

There are new features on the site that will be updated regularly with relevant and interesting information such as the Resources page where you can read blog posts, discover helpful whitepapers and access information on upcoming industry events. You can also view our Partners, discover what it is like to work for Fitzrovia IT and how to join our great team.

Coming soon…

Over the coming months look out for our Knowledge Base filled with industry articles, top tips and FAQs so you have direct access to some of the more common and easy to fix IT issues without having to call us. However we are always available by phone no matter how big or small your problems are if you wish to continue to contact us directly.


If you have any questions about our new website, suggestions for content of particular interest to you or your business, or any comments or feedback please visit our Contact page and let us know!

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