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3 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Your IT Systems Updated

In a period of heightened awareness around the importance of maintaining strong cybersecurity practices, it feels essential to highlight one of the most basic ways you can keep your systems secure. Regularly updating and patching your software and systems may seem like a basic step that wouldn’t need highlighting, but you may be surprised to learn that many tech users regularly forget or disregard system updates. In fact, 57% of cyberattack victims have attributed their breach to outdated systems and a lack of patching.

Today we explore the top 5 reasons why you need to regularly update and patch your systems, whilst also delving into a currently unfolding cybersecurity situation that can be remediated with an update. Google Chrome have recently revealed a system weakness that has been exploited by cybercriminals, but re-enforce the fact this can be easily resolved with an update.


What is the Google Chrome exploit?


In a blog post from the 2nd of September, Google shared that they are ‘aware of reports that an exploit for CVE-2022-3075 exists in the wild’. Whilst Google are yet to share the intricate details of the bug, preferring to ensure access to bug details and links is ‘kept restricted until a majority of users are updated with a fix”, we’re able to gauge the basics of the situation.

The issue pertains to ‘insufficient data validation’ in Mojo, a collection of runtime libraries used by Chromium, the codebase upon which Google Chrome is built. It’s likely that Google have kept further details undisclosed in order to prevent more hackers from exploiting the vulnerability, working behind the scenes to ensure no further breaches are made. However, Google have assured that if users are to update the system, they will be protected from this zero-day vulnerability.

All Google Chrome users on Windows, Mac, and Linux are advised to install the latest update in order to keep themselves, and their data, protected from hackers.


Why do I need to keep my systems updated?


So, aside from the latest vulnerability visible in tech circles, why is it essential for users to keep their systems updated? We examine the top 3 reasons.


1: Optimal Security

As the focus of today’s blog has been the security benefits of updating your systems, it’s essential to place this benefit at number one. Outdated software and applications are hugely vulnerable to cybercriminals, putting your business in a precarious position. If vulnerabilities become known to hackers, they will certainly try to exploit the most profitable victims - this could be your business. By simply updating and patching software upon release, you are ensuring that hackers can’t access and exploit your data, devices and systems.


2: Increased Efficiency

Not only do outdated systems and software offer opportunities for cybercrime, they also reduce your business’ operational efficiency. Old software will not operate at its prime, with updates and patches offered to speed up processes and enhance inbuilt features. Developers are always working behind the scenes to improve the functionality and efficiency of their software or app offerings, patches and updates and regularly released in order to ensure users are getting the most from their tech, making it essential to remain up-to-date.


3: Effective Compatibility

As apps and software age they can become incompatible with certain systems, making it necessary to keep your updated to ensure your systems continue to work in tandem. Sometimes, app updates require newer operating systems, so it’s important to keep abreast of any developments related to your current OS or devices. If you’re unsure about the compatibility issues affecting your current devices and systems, then your MSP can advise as to the updates or changes that need to be made to keep systems up and running.


Monitoring your systems


Thus, the recent Google Chrome hack has served to remind us why we need to keep our systems and applications updated, providing a simple precautionary step in an environment rife with threat actors. Every business needs to have strict and definite cyber policy in place, to ensure corporate data is protected and hacks are avoided. At Fitzrovia IT, we advise our clients to always remain on-top of updates to keep their processes smooth, safe and efficient.

To discuss potential vulnerabilities in your systems and formulate an effective cyber strategy for the future, contact our cyber security specialists today.

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