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3 New Year’s Tech Resolutions to Improve your Security Posture

As the world welcomes in 2022, many people have started the year with a list of resolutions aimed at being healthier and happier. The 1st of January provides a great opportunity to seize the day and implement a new routine – even providing opportunity to implement new tech resolutions! Today we outline three tech resolutions you can adopt this new year, focused on improving your personal and business cybersecurity practices.


Resolution #1 – Stay Updated


Rule number one for protecting your business’ data against security breaches is keeping your systems updated! Maintaining up to date apps and operating systems ensures your systems are equipped to keep out cybercriminals; dated systems often contain major security flaws that you may be unaware of.

With the Log4j vulnerability playing out in real time, we can see how updating systems and applying patches can help protect against attacks and rectify security flaws. Don’t risk your business’ data with outdated systems – resolve to keep them updated!

Resolution #2 – Password Protection


It can’t be iterated enough times just how essential strong password protection and multi factor authentication (MFA) is to your enterprise! Password reuse, single factor authentication and stored passwords in accessible locations are all hugely common mistakes that are easy to amend.

Whilst it may feel like the easiest option to reuse memorable passwords across accounts and devices, this is hugely detrimental to online security. Once a hacker has cracked your password – they can access all your accounts, compromising the security of the entire business. A simple solution to forgotten passwords is the use of a secure password management app.

Similarly, we recommend adopting MFA in your login process. MFA is a tool that largely removes the threat of password breaches, can block up to 99.9% of cyber-attacks and is the simplest way you can protect your business against a data breach.

Resolution #3 – Improve Your Awareness


If you follow our tips to improve your cybersecurity posture then undoubtedly your data will be more secure! However, the final point on your list of tech resolutions should be to improve your all-round user awareness. With the help of our IT experts, you can develop a grounded knowledge of the ways in which you can optimise your online security.

Using phishing simulations and informative resources, you can learn how to recognise potential threats – later reporting them to your security team, and preventing company-wide security breaches. Of all the resolutions we recommend – this one will provide you with the most comprehensive understanding of the necessity of good cybersecurity policy!

A Fresh Start


Whilst we’ve highlighted three of the major tech resolutions you can make this new year, there are many more that could be added to the list! Maintaining ironclad cybersecurity practices is a year-round effort, but if the fresh start of 2022 gives you the motivation to implement change, then we say go for it!

If you’d like help reassessing your business’ security posture, then don’t hesitate to contact one of our team today.

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