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Tech Highlights to Come in 2023

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Tech Highlights to Come in 2023

With 2022 having now wrapped up for good, it’s time to look ahead to the exciting events and releases to come in 2023. This week, we highlight some of the personal tech devices that are to come, and the exciting event highlights of the year. Whether you’re interested in tech for purely business purposes, or love to indulge in the newest tech gadgets and items for your own personal passion, there is certainly something coming in 2023 to cater to your interests.

Anticipated Gadget Releases


There are plenty of tech gadget releases to get excited about over the coming year; whether you’re interested in the ever-developing world of virtual reality, or favour tech that simplifies your daily life, there’s surely something to pique your interest.

There are a number of anticipated Virtual Reality (VR) releases to come in 2023; according to Tech Radar, Apple’s first ever VR headset may be releasing in the coming year. Undoubtably this is exciting news for anyone interested in VR, especially as the device is rumoured to use Apple’s incredibly powerful M2 chip, alongside dual 8K screens - meaning the device will have four times as many pixels as any other on the market. Similarly, Meta are likely releasing their 3rd Gen VR headset at the end of the year, keeping it at an affordable price point whilst improving battery life and other VR features.

As you’ll likely have seen advertised over the past couple of months, a number of mobile phone companies are coming out with foldable phones. In a move that harks back to the era of the iconic flip phone, companies are reworking the idea to provide a fully foldable handset. Samsung’s refreshed Z Fold phones are likely to come out in the coming months, as is the rumoured Google Pixel Fold - Google’s first ever folding handset.

As highlighted in Bloomberg, 2023 will also see improvements in e-bikes - expediting daily commutes to work. As reported, ‘E-bike sales surpassed $760 million last year, up 15% from 2021’. If you enjoy a daily cycle to work, then the world of e-bikes is something to watch.



CES 2023: 5th - 8th January

Starting tomorrow, the ‘global stage for innovation’ begins, bringing together the world’s biggest tech brands and experts. If you’re interested in tech or want to develop your business’ IT strategy, then CES may be the event for you. Covering every aspect of the tech sector, this international event has companies representing 173 countries, creating a space for innovation and development.



Kickstart Europe: 20th - 21st February

Europe based businesses will be excited to learn that Kickstart Europe is being held in Amsterdam this February. This Annual Strategy & Networking conference brings together industry professionals to investigate emerging trends, through discussions of tech and digital infrastructure. If you’re interested in cloud technologies and increasing connectivity, then this may be the event for you.



IT Nations: 20th - 22nd March

This year the premier thought-leadership conference for tech professionals is coming to London. Any London based enterprises who seek innovation in tech should tech note, this event allows exceptional networking opportunities alongside insightful talks, events, and training sessions.



International Girls in ICT Day: 27th April

This year the #GirlsInICT day returns with a new theme, previously covering ‘Access and Safety’. With the STEM sector still seeking to encourage and empower more women and girls to pursue a career in tech, this much needed day of recognition and education is central to achieving such goals. If you seek to engage your local and professional community into necessary social action, then engaging with International Girls in ICT Day is essential.



Women in Tech Global Conference: 9th - 12th May

Following on from Girls in ICT Day, the Women in Tech Global Conference again provides a space for the empowerment and networking of women in the sector. This hybrid conference brings together women from all over the world, enabling global conversations to occur through educational sections, panels, and breakout rooms.



International Cybersecurity Month

As always, International Cybersecurity Month is an important date in any business’ calendar. With numerous businesses of all sectors still facing potential threats, the information shared and events held during this month of education are important in improving your team’s IT safety awareness.



Microsoft Ignite: 15th – 16th November

Microsoft’s annual conference is being held this November, and participants can expect a wealth of software developments, app updates, and new releases. Last year’s Ignite saw a host of new Teams features unveiled, as well as a number of new security measures.

Keeping Current


If you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to tech, then it’s hugely important to remain involved in current events and stay abreast of releases. Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of what’s available on the tech market allows you to keep your IT systems up to scratch, also allowing you to make comprehensive strategy plans for years to come.

Alternatively, you can form an IT partnership with a trusted MSP to ensure you tech systems are always reliable yet innovative. Your MSP specialist partner will likely be engaging with conferences, events and training sessions as they come up throughout the year - taking the pressure away from you when it comes to tracking tech developments.

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