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How to boost your work wellbeing with a productive workspace

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How to boost your work wellbeing with a productive workspace


Earlier in the month of May we highlighted some workplace wellbeing tips for 'Screen Free Week', discussing how those of us who rely on technology to complete our jobs can otherwise improve our wellbeing at work. To expand on this, today we're discussing how you can further boost your workplace wellbeing by maximising the space you work in!

Why is your workspace important?


Having a well-organised workspace is central to good workplace wellbeing as it increases productivity by reducing distractions; reduces stress by promoting a sense of control; and improves focus and concentration by eliminating visual clutter. Whatsmore, feeling happy in your office or place of work can boost your morale, motivation, and overall job satisfaction, again leading to higher levels of productivity and better quality of work.

The issues of a cluttered desk space have been studied by researchers at top universities; a team at Princeton found that 'visual clutter competes with our brain’s ability to pay attention and tires out our cognitive functions over time'. So you don't just need to hear it from us, an organised workspace makes for a clearer mind!


So how can i improve my space?


As a team who frequently work from our desks, we've collected our top tips for improving your space and your workplace wellbeing. They're fairly simple, and reflect a number of principles that carry through into other areas of improved wellbeing!

1. Incorporate movement opportunities into your workspace. Take short breaks to get your body moving - either going to grab a glass of water, or taking a walk to speak to your colleague instead of sending them an email. Consider investing in a stand-to-sit desk if possible, and strategically place amenities such as photocopiers copy machines to get yourself moving.

2. Introduce plants into your office. Not only are plants an attractive addition to your workspace, they also contribute to cleaner air, increased energy and creativity, reducing stress and enhancing productivity. 

3. Assign a dedicated space for gadgets. Designate a specific location for your phone and other distracting devices to minimise interruptions. Keeping it out of sight does indeed help to keep it out of mind, and will keep your desk looking clearer.

4. Maintain a clean workspace. Regularly tidy up your working area, eliminating unnecessary items, and organising to prevent distractions and clutter. There's no better feeling than coming in on a Monday to a freshly cleaned and tidied desk!

5. Selectively personalise your workspace. If possible, ddd personal touches to your workspace that help inspire productivity. For example, add framed photos or a desktop calendar to make your desk feel more personal, while avoiding excessive clutter. Feeling comfortable in your space will help boost your creativity and energy at work!

Boosting your wellbeing


If you have found these tips helpful, but want further advice on boosting your happiness in the workplace, then we'd recommend taking a look at this article by Mind. Being happy at work is important on both a professional and personal level - feeling content contributes to a sense of fulfilment and overall happiness in your life, as a significant portion of your time and energy is spent at work.

So, what can Fitzrovia do? While we can't help you personalise your workspace, we can help you organise your office layout in relation to your tech needs, optimising your space for productivity and utility. If you want to read more about what we do, we recently touched upon it in our blog on office relocations.

To discuss any IT issues that we can help alleviate, or discuss anything related to your business' tech, don't hesitate to contact one of our team today.